Fixed Price Marketing Packages

Fixed Price Marketing Packages


Our Marketing Packages

For any of the marketing services we have advertised on this site we offer both a PAYG, retainer and fixed price marketing package. Whilst we offer some example packages for some areas, such as our SEO packages, we prefer to work with you to create a tailor-made package that is a perfect fit for your business and plans.

Please contact us for a tailor made plan.


Why choose a fixed price marketing package?

By agreeing a fixed price in advance you have absolute certainty over what will be deliverd, what it will cost, what the measurables and deliverables will be and when you can expect them.


Who do fixed price marketing services work perfectly for?

If you are clear on what you need (we can help you with that), and are looking for medium to long term consistency then this is a great option. We’ll guide you on what are the ideals, and the implications and opportunities of agreeing on a higher or lower service level to adjust the cost.


Who are our fixed packages not right for?

We don’t want to sell you a fixed price package if that’s not what your business needs. If you are in the set-up or audit phase of a project. Or undertaking a repair such as SEO penalty or brand recovery we’ll almost certainly suggest that we look at piece by piece costed work. That means we’ll agree the next stages of work, cost each individually, and review upon their completion what will work best for you next.

If you are not sure whether fixed price is right for you, please contact us for an informal chat.